Earn while
you learn.

Cashbacks and Bonuses when you learn online.
10% Cashback annually on $LMS in your wallet.

We reward you with LMS
on your learning.

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Fast & Easy

Students and Teachers get $LMS in rewards. Complete eligible courses on Live Learning and receive LMS cashback.*

High Yield

4% APY on your Total $LMS in the account. We invest your “$” in product research and development. Bringing more Teachers, Students and merchants on board.**


LMS is a crypto token built on Stellar Blockchain, which is a non-profit organisation. Stellar is fast and have the lowest transaction fee on the planet.

Stage 1
LMS Sale.

200,000 $LMS are available for purchase in Stage 1
—investments used for research and development.

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Merchant Functions

30% investments allocated for design and development of Wallet feature for teachers on LiveLearning.io. It will include adding LMS bonuses on courses,reviewing rewards, track enrolments and encourage participation.

Content Journalism

20% investments will be to pay content specialist who will interview authors,education specialists and advisors for OurTeachers.net. A magazine publication for Teachers, Students and Parents. The magazine features hand curated articles, exclusive interviews. It features photographers, research papers, schools and independent artists.

Student Community

40% investments will be used to reach out to students and parents on Livelearning.io to grow the community and engagement. Creating live courses with our vast network of livelearning registered teachers.

Improvements and Next Stage

10% of the remaining investments will be used to improve the current network of education products including but not limited to LMS. Create timeline factoring in all the feedback we receive from community and you.

"“Learning Miles, is made to encourage
online learning and teaching.” "

Krishna Gupta

Founder Live Learning Tech
"Live Learning programs are very challenging. Passing the exams were not easy but the reward in the end was worth it."

Coding for Kids
"I get more enrolments when my quizzes and lectures offer rewards on completion. I saw 30% rise in enrolments. I recommend Live Learning and its new venture Learning Miles."
Live Learning Tech
"Early childhood education is not easy. Live Learning’s pre school online programs with contests for parents is a very good initiative. Brining teachers and parents together, just virtually"


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